The Indian science of Yoga has evoked great interest in people throughout the world. In recent years thousands of foreigners have come over to India to learn and practise the art of Yoga.

A complete science of human life, Yoga unfolds physical, mental and spiritual faculties of an individual and leads to self-realisation. The 'specialities' of Yoga have made it the only positive method of prevention and cure of diseases.

Yoga develops initiative, power and stamina and dispels fatigue, tensions, toxins and rigidity of the body-the basic causes of aging, deficiencies and diseases. It promotes perfect health and physical fitness and helps cure chronic and complicated diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, nephritis, asthma, gastritis, and neurological disorders without drugs.

Yoga imparts flexibility and 'spring' of early youth in the body, joints, muscles, limbs and vital organs. It improves elasticity of the spine and tones up the spinal nerves. Strengthens abdominal muscles and improves the functioning of thyroid and parathyroid glands. It peps up sluggish liver and spleen, and renders your system to give you a vast reservoir of beauty, brightness and bliss.

What's more ! Yoga leads to harmonious development of the mind and the body. You acquire physical and mental balance and calm to withstand stress and strain of modern life. The body is rendered fit and active ; the mind, alert and responsive.