Naturopathy roots back to the 19th century at Europe. From 1901 and founded the American school of Naturopathy at New York in 1902 by Dr. Lust(Benedict). In Scotland Thomas Allinson started Hygienic Medicine in 1880 and promoting natural diet and exercise.

Kularanjan Mukherjee is one of the stalwarts of the pioneers of Indian Nature Cure system. He was born in 1895. His father was a freedom fighter. Kularanjan Mukherjee had four brothers and four sisters.

Kularanjan Mukherjee during his younger days had an interest in the field of Spirituality and Politics. During the struggle of Indian Independence, he participated actively in the freedom movement. He was associated and worked with Tejendranath Bose and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He was also kept behind bars in 1914 at Calcutta. He was frustrated with politics and could not get peace in spiritual ways of thought therefore, at 22 years of age he withdrew from politics and left spiritual way of life. During those days, he was associated with Jyothendranath Mukherjee in serving patients. When he was 28 years old; he firmly decided to serve the patients those who were suffering from health problems. During those days Ajith Bose, a Nature Cure doctor was running a Nature Cure clinic at Balgaaz locality of Calcutta city. Dr. Ajith Bose was treating patients with vapour bath method. In those days the Bengalis used to call the vapour bath as Baligan Bath. In the cause of serving the patients, Kularanjan Mukherjee joined Dr. Ashish Bose's Nature Cure clinic cure books to gain the knowledge on nature cure treatment methods.

In the year 1934, Kularanjan Mukherjee started a Nature Cure hospital at Kalighat locality of Calcutta city. During the year 1946 Gandhiji called Kularanjan Mukherjee to Naukali and got himself treated by him. So Gandhiji used to call Kularanjan Mukherjee as 'Noukali', thus, he developed close association with Gandhiji.

In 1964, Kularanjan Mukherjee started a 4 year course Degree College in Nature Cure at Calcutta with the financial aid of Government of India. The students from different States in India studied Nature Cure in Kularanjan Mukherjee's Naturopathy College.

On 20th January 1966, Kularanjan Mukherjee suffered about of chicken pox. Owing to which his relatives and other workers disliked to approach him. They went far away from him. Kularanjan Mukherjee was a staunch believer and follower of Naturopathy. He was on a fast and administered enema himself. But, the chicken pox was not cured. On 3rd February 1966 his health was totally deteriorated. His relatives asked him to take allopathic injections. But, as a staunch follower of Nature Cure he refused to take the injections and answered that "I will die . But I won't take Medicines and Injections". He breathed his last on 4th February 1966.

On 18th November 1945, Mahatma Gandhi founded the All India Nature Cure Foundation trust with the Nature Cure Clinic.

This is the only Nature Cure trust, the deed of which signed by the Mahatma Gandhi. In the Trust deed, the objects of making this charitable trust has been specified as "spreading the Knowledge of the science of Nature Cure in all its aspects and expanding the activity Nature Cure therapeutics so as to make its benefits available to all classes of people and especially the poor and creating Nature Cure University".

The deed of All Nature Cure Foundation Trust was signed by Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Dinshaw Mehta and Shri Jehangir Patel on 18th November 1945. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Dr. Shushila Nayyer signed as witness.

The Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India has declare the day of 18th November, 2018 as a Naturopathy Day to commemorate the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi towards Naturopathy Medicinal System.

Different types of Naturopathy

a) Diet Therapy

b) Fasting

c) Hydrotherapy

d) Therapeutic massage ( Acupressure and manual therapy )

e) Music Therapy

f) Magnet Therapy

g) Yoga ( Hathayoga ) and

h) Naturopathy